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Work from anywhere with your everyday apps.
Your Desktop. In Virtual Reality.

DreamDesk VR

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Move into Virtual Reality. Move, scale and position your screens however you like. Its your environment.

Works Backwards

Works with all your apps, movies and games. Surf the net. Use your keyboard and mouse.


We want to bridge the gap between Virtual Reality and productivity. We’re for simplicity and intuitive design.


Play games drifting in space. Watch movies at the IMAX. Work from virtually anywhere.

Screen Space Is No Longer Relevant.

Break free of screen size and borders.
Reclaim valuable desk space – use your entire world.

360 Videos

Stream and play 360 Videos from Youtube, Vimeo or any web service.


Watch your favourite SBS content in 3D, including VR screen captures.


Play OU videos on a screen or in 360. Enjoy amazing music video experiences.

Any Screen / Any Format

DreamDesk can change how you view any application or format in VR.

Unreal Environments

Your cubicle just got an upgrade.
Set your space up with Window Management.
Built with Unreal Engine 4

Bring intuitive back.

  • ss6
  • ss7
  • ss8
  • ss2
  • ss9
  • ss1

Dynamic Screen Sizing

Entertainment at IMAX Size
Scale-down for multi-screen productivity

Free Your 2D Content

Games, Applications, Movies and Music
All your favourites just became VR ready.

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Give Feedback to those you don’t.

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