We Have An Insane Road-Map

Our product road-map and plans for the future will blow you away.
Ideally, we are looking for the following people:

  • A graphics guru duo (Unreal Engine Development, Games and Scripting)
  • A networking specialist who understands multiple OS architectures, NAT punch through and software networking.
  • An accountant who understands Crypto-Currency, Analytics and can program.

If you’re a love-child of more than one of the above – you too are welcome to apply.
If you’re not apply anyway.

We Have A Digital Office

We can’t offer you a juice-bar, foosball or massages.
Instead, we offer a flexible, work-from-anywhere-anytime situation with clear technical project management and direction. 
All our tools and facilities are online – just get the work done.
Team members motivated by our idea can extend on our thoughts while hitting their deliverable due dates.

You Have The Candidate Requirements

All candidates will be interviewed by the team.

  • Interested in making something meaningful.
    We can promise you that you’ll be working on core.
    Not some obscure API, not retrospectively writing unit tests or porting code for some unused platform.
  • May be self taught / have no qualifications.
    Show us that our areas of interest are your areas of interest. Prove your background. Showing us your paperwork can help, but not if you can’t show us your demo/work.
  • Are motivated by more than money.
    Tired of making vaporware?
    Tired of solving insane problems and having your work overlooked?
    Not ready to give up development and/or not keen for middle management?
  • Can solve problems.
    A standard developer can solve problems.
    A good developer can figure out the problem before solving it.
    A great developer can do the above while factoring time, scope, road-map and budget.
  • Are multi-disciplinary
    Our team is multi-disciplinary.
    If you’ve got skills in different areas we’re looking for you.

Apply Now

Your first problem: How do you apply?